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10 Reasons to Compost

Because of all that composting can do, more people are composting than ever. Read on to see the 10 reasons why composting can improve health in the home and far beyond.

1 - Save Countryside

Smaller landfill sites

2 - Reduce organic Pollution

No pathogenic leachate or nasty smells from landfill sites

3 - Reduce Transport Pollution

Less need for heavy trucks ferrying rubbish along roads

4 - Reduce Litter

No food in bin bags, so animals will not rip them open

5 - Makes Healthy Soil

Rebuilds topsoil and microbial ecologies

6 - Increased Nutrition

Growing plants in organic compost leads to good nutritional quality and increased health

7 - Saves Money

Liquid fertiliser and mulch for plants and garden, less binbags, less landfill tax

8 - Regenerates Nature

Healthier plants and animals

9 - Cleans Air

Puts antioxidants in the atmosphere, less methane and pathogenic bacteria

10 - Lowers Disease

Beneficial bacterial exclude disease forming bacteria